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Laminate Flooring

LEO FLOOR Wooden Laminate Flooring is made out of waste sawdust conforming to the norms of European Standards pr EN13329 consists of a High-Density Fiber Board (HDF) core with a design layer on the top protected by a high wear and scratch resistance overlay and a melamine backing at the bottom.

The Laminate Flooring shall conform to IP value of the Abrasion test According to pr-13329, Class IC1 of the impact test according to pr-13329 and shall have scratch resistance >7.0 Newton.

The edges of the plank shall be aquaresis impregnated in the areas above the joints to protect them against moisture from damp mopping and to keep them in shape.

Laminate flooring in Bangalore

Laminate flooring is a very elegant choice for households with several members. These laminates give the wood's looks, but it is available at a very cheaper rate. The waterproof laminates are a good option for floors if you plan to install them in the kitchen or conservatory areas. Benefits of laminate flooring Laminate flooring is a beautiful alternative to wood flooring. Some of the benefits of laminate flooring are as follows: • It is manufactured such that it becomes highly durable. The laminates flooring are manufactured such that it becomes highly durable. • The installation is very easier and cheaper. The installation of the laminates floor is very cheaper in rate and is very easy to clean. • This laminate flooring is resistant to scratch and water. Laminates flooring are perfect for families with huge numbers of family members. The way it is manufactured ensures that the top layers are highly resistant to water and scratches. Although the laminates are scratch-resistant, using the pads underneath the furniture to prevent scratching is recommended. Also, it is recommended to placemats in heavy use areas, such as the entrance or kitchen areas. As it is water-resistant, it is very useful in the kitchen areas and the conservatory areas and the areas where chances of spillages are maximum and in the places where humidity fluctuation is maximum. Wooden solids must be avoided in these areas as the wood are sensitive to water and humidity. Some types of laminates can be even laid in the bathroom where spillages and humidity fluctuations are maximum. • The surface of the laminate flooring is hygienic and easily cleanable. The advantages of the laminate flooring are that it is very easy to clean. It only needs regular sweeping and mopping by using mild detergent, and water is sufficient. • The designs of the laminate floorings are very realistic. The designs of some laminates are so natural that it becomes difficult to differentiate from the original wood. These laminates are always higher in price. They provide all the advantages of a laminate with splendid finishing. They are available in the market with a huge range of finishes and colours. It is lower in cost and very easy to install.

Manufacturing Laminate floorings comprise a photo image that gets enclosed by several protective and high-density layers. These layers create a highly durable floor by the bonding between them. After laminates are manufactured, they are covered with a thin coating. This coating prevents the laminates from getting faded away due to water damage. The development made in manufacturing the laminates has helped create more improvised finishing and huge mass production of the laminates. This advancement in technology has contributed to the cheaper cost of manufacturing as well as it also becomes cheaper for the consumers to buy it. The high-quality laminate flooring of trusted manufacturers lasts for a minimum of 10 years and more. Also, it is necessary to checks that whether the warranty period is provided. The duration of lasting depends on the thickness of the laminates. The duration of the laminates also depends on the process of installation. If the floor is not installed properly, the laminates may get damaged. It is also required to used furniture pads and rugs so that the laminates don't get damaged. Regular cleaning of the laminates is also necessary, which increases the life span of the laminates. Why should you choose us? The technicians provided by our company for the installation are very efficient. The quality of the products manufactured by us is very good. The prices of the products are very reasonable. The process of manufacturing the products are very well such that they are very durable and have sufficient strength.

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