Sports flooring

Sports Flooring in Bangalore

Indoor sports flooring

A good sports floor is the primary key in indoor sports, whether an indoor badminton/ tennis court or a gymnasium. The indoor sporting area must have a smooth surface, and it should also cushion the players enough to maintain force reduction. The flooring should be such that it prevents the players from slipping and getting injuries by providing a cushioning effect to their heels as it lands on the floor and has good resistance to force. A perfect sports flooring must have the following qualities: The floor should be impermeable, non-porous, wear-resistant and shock absorbent. The indoor sporting floors must maintain the qualities mentioned above in all weather conditions. It must be very comfortable and safe for players of all ages, especially children, who should always be protected as their skeletal system is at a developing stage. The indoor sports flooring surfaces from Indiana provide high mechanical strength. These floorings are very durable. We offer several choices of colour and designs so that a suitable atmosphere is created for indoor sports. Be it any sports, Indiana has solutions for all types of the indoor sports flooring. Different sports need different types of flooring. Indiana provides the requisite features for each type of sport to meet the specific needs of these sports.

Outdoor sports flooring

The surface of the outdoor sporting floor should have the following qualities: • It must be flexible to withstand the variations of temperatures in all the weather. • The sporting floor should be such that it can be easily cleaned and maintained. • The sporting floor must be rot-proof • The floor should be water-resistant. Apart from these qualities, the Indiana outdoor sports flooring provides high impact shock absorption features that protect players from getting injuries and reduce fatigue. The multi-function sporting surfaces are durable. These kinds of flooring can be used for sports like tennis, badminton, and basketball. The floorings can be customised to suitable designs, shapes and colours.

Maintenance of the flooring

Proper maintenance of the sports floor is always necessary after installing the sports flooring to prevent falls and slips. Depending on the sports flooring installed, our expert technicians will provide the instructions about the maintenance of the flooring for safety and extending the duration of the quality and the life of the floor for many years.

Why choose Indiana for sports flooring in Bangalore

The technicians who create the floorings in our company are well trained and experienced. We provide the flooring at a very reasonable cost. There are no hidden charges. Our company is very dedicated to constructing the flooring which is very reliable, durable, safe. Indiana produces good quality outdoor and indoor synthetic, Vinyl and wooden surface facilities for athletics and sports. Determination of suitable flooring is important for various reasons. The perfect level of shock-absorbing capability, durability, and traction is needed to align with particular types of flooring and levels of use. Our experienced technician can advise you on the best flooring based on the intention of use and the according to the environmental condition and geographical region. Therefore, to select the perfect floor for your project, contact us at

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